Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bird Sounds

Bird sounds is a great application for kids of age 3 months to 10 years. This app has great photos of various birds along with their sounds. Click on the small image of the bird to hear how it sounds. Uniqueness of this app is that it tells the name of the bird before it sounds(Helps small kids co-relate the name/image/sound and improves thier memory and co-relating all the senses together). 

1. Gallery view to show big sized images of birds
 . Displays bird name with animation
 . Text to Speech reads bird name
 . Shake your device to hear the bird sound

2. Grid view to show many bird in one screen
 . Image rotates when you click on it in grid view

Settings to on/off some of all the above features. 

Please rate this app and send your feedback about additional animal sounds or any other improvements you think will help this making a great app.

Tags: Kids, Animals, Birds, Big Birds, Small Birds,Sounds, Animal Sounds, TTS, Animal Images, Animal Names

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